Larry Arnold

Vibefit Founder & Trainer

Larry Arnold is the founder of Vibefit and our chief trianer. With more than 20 years of experience, Larry Arnold is a true expert that knows what it takes to help you achieve your best on the field of life. Larry utilizes fitness, Power Plates, physical therapy, nutrition, and motivation to challenge the best of the pros, as well as the novice.

Larry has trained hundreds of clients and helped them find success. Larry helps many of his clients feel and look fit and better than they ever have, no mater how young, old, or fit they start. Larry has trained athletes from the NBA, NFL, and US Olympic teams.  Additionally, Larry has helped many clients lose the weight that they never thought they could, or overcome injuries that seemed insurmountable.

From a young age, athletics and helping people have always been his 2 passions. Growing up as a young man Larry had the curiosity and the drive to find new levels to push himself and overcoming his limits, as an athlete and as a human.

Larry’s skills as a teacher and motivator developed early. He participated and succeeded at almost every sport in high school, but always found himself teaching others what he learned about his own success.

Larry attended the University of Nebraska, where he found new levels of success and happiness as an athlete and a student of fitness. He began his life long study of physical therapy, functional core fitness, and nutrition. As an athlete Larry learned many lesson about discipline and training on the football field as a member of both the ’94 and ’95 National Championship Cornhuskers football team.

Following college, Larry worked as a manager of gyms and health clubs in addition to working as a personal trainer. He also continued his own personal pursuit of athleticism in strength and power lifting, and swimming, track and field, distance running, triathlon, and MMA.

Larry is now recognized as one of the premier personal trainers and experts in fitness, motivation, and nutrition in Phoenix Arizona. Larry areas of expertise and certifications are Functional Core Fitness, CrossFit, BodyCraft, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and has studied functional training and program design. In addition to his experience as a personal trainer, he brings his knowledge of physical therapy and nutrition to the table.