How we accelerate your results

By combining our years of experience training athletes, our knowledge of the body & fitness, and the Power Plate we can get you fit faster. By doing the right exercises with the Power Plate as a base, the vibrations intensify the workout, speeding  up the results. As the rapid vibration of the Power Plate moves, your muscles contract rapidly in response to the vibration and the exercise you are doing. This combination is where the magic happens. Compared to without the Power Plate, training with the Power Plate allows you to increase the intensity and the overall fitness benefits in the same amount of time.


Exercise with & without the Power Plate


"Larry found the motivation inside me to get the results no one else could"



Who does it work for?

Our Power Plate classes have trained athletes from with every kind of goal. One client lost over 250 pounds, hundreds of clients achieved top level fitness, and many clients overcame a variety of injuries. In addition to these successes. VibeFit has also helped elite, and professional athletes achieve their goals at the highest levels of their sport. 



The Power Plate to accelerates fitness and health results. With our vibration training we help anyone who is looking to get fit faster & more effciently achieve their potential.


Weekend warriors, youth athletes, professionals, triathletes, and Olympic athletes have all been trained successfully to achieve their potential at VibeFIt by Larry Arnold. 


With our background in whole body fitness and physical therapy we are able to use Power Plates to help clients successfully overcome chronic and severe injuries of all types.


Let's get fit.


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